6 Reasons You Should Install Safety and Security Film on your Doors and Windows…

posted by Solar Shield, 8 months ago

Acts of vandalism, smash-and-grab burglaries, terrorism and natural disaster are increasing lately. Safety film should be considered specially for those who live next to golf courses, or business owners who keep high priced merchandise in a store or office, or any person who wants to get protection from harm due to broken glass —

These are the 6 main reasons you should consider Security Film installation in your business or home:

1- Safety and Security films will protect your loved ones from flying glass in storms. As glass won’t break unexpectedly.

2- Make doors and windows of your home or business burglary resistant when you include an attachment system that holds everything during any possible attack.

3- Minimum aesthetics effect. Safety and Security Film are invisible.

4- It upgrades your glass to even better than tempered glass.

5- Construction areas are easy targets for intruders. Ground level windows and doors must be your priority for protection. Safety and Security Film can effectively slow down the bad guys.

6- Solar Shield offers only the best products available in the market. Our products are certified by Eastman Chemical Company – Llumar Safety Films have a limited lifetime warranty.

Always make sure the Safety or Security Film you are purchasing are certified and installed by security professionals. It is an absolutely important start in the process.

There are many different options when it comes to the attachment systems. They come in different styles, thickness and colors, a sure match for your home or office.

Now watch this video and see how Llumar Security Film helps to deter a pharmacy robbery.


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